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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the order deadline each week? 

Orders must be placed by Sunday at midnight in order for you to receive your first box that week. Orders placed after Sunday at midnight will receive their box the following week. 

How do I change my plan from weekly to bi-weekly?

Visit the following link where you can make adjustments such as how often you get your box.

How do I put my plan on hold while I go on vacation? How do I skip a week?

Visit the following link where you can change the next day your account will be charged. Currently you can only do this within 7 days of your vacation. Our new website coming soon will offer much more flexibility.

How do I cancel my plan?

Please email us at and tell us that you’d like to cancel.  We will process your order as quickly as possible. If you’d be willing to provide a sentence or two of feedback we’d sure appreciate it so that we can continue to improve our program. Orders must be canceled by Tuesday at midnight in order to cancel your box for the coming week. Orders canceled after Tuesday at midnight will receive their next box and then be canceled for the following week. 

Do you offer a pickup option? 

We used to offer a pickup option and then we moved to a new location in a building where it is a little tricky. We are working on bringing this back and hope to offer it again soon.

When are you going to deliver outside of Northeast Ohio? 

We are working on perfecting our process in and around Cleveland before we begin to expand to other markets. That said, we are in the process of building the infrastructure that will allow us to expand to other markets in the great lakes region to begin and then throughout other parts of the country. 

An item in my box was not fresh. Can I get a refund? 

“Imperfect” does not mean “not fresh.” We absolutely want to know right away if any item in your box is not fresh or is not to your liking. Please email us at and let us know and we will issue you a refund for the items. 

Do I get to pick which items are in my box? 

Our boxes are not currently customizable. That’s because when it comes to rescuing food we are simply buying the items that need to be saved and then divvying it up to all our customers. If you have a food allergy or a very strong dislike of a certain item, you can note that under special instructions. 

Can you deliver to offices and apartment buildings? 

We sure can! When you sign up, just leave us some instructions about where to leave in the order form under “special instructions.” 

Is the produce organic? 

Presently our boxes contain both organic and conventionally grown produce. We don’t discriminate. Our mission is to rescue produce no matter what. That said, often our boxes have a lot of organics. It just depends on the week. We are preparing to launch an all organic option very soon! 

Where do you get your produce?

We rescue fresh fruits and vegetables from various sources. We try to buy from local farms as often as possible during the local growing seasons. We buy much of our produce from local produce distributors and food producers who have items they cannot use because they do not fit the standards expected by their customers. 

Can customers send their boxes back to PIP so they can be reused? 

We actually did used to offer this and we wish we still could! However due to food safety regulations, we can no longer offer this option. Once we send out the boxes to our customers we lose all traceability since we can't know who or what touched the box. And bringing them back into our facility would present a huge logistical challenge as well. That's why we ask that you get creative at home and reuse and recycle them. 

If you have other questions we didn't answer here, feel free to email us at

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