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Save Money, Time and the Planet with Nestlé

Perfectly Imperfect Produce and Nestlé are teaming up to make it easier for employees at Nestlé's Solon campus to have access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables. And together, we're helping to reduce food waste at the same time! 

Did you know that 40 percent of food produced in the United States is wasted? Perfectly Imperfect Produce is doing its part to help reduce that number by packaging up boxes that contain fruits and vegetables that might be a bit blemished on the outside, but are perfectly fresh, delicious and nutritious on the inside.


And because Nestlé believes that healthy, happy employees make for a productive work environment (and a better planet) they're making it even easier for their employees to get fresh fruits and vegetables.

You'll pay about 30% less than what you'd pay

for produce at many grocery stores!

Normally our customers pay $5 to $10 for delivery. Now Perfectly Imperfect is bringing boxes ordered by Nestlé employees directly to the Solon Nestlé campus for you. 

Deliveries will be made on THURSDAYS to the mail room or front desk of the Nestle building where you work. Please note which building you are in on the "special instructions" section of the order form. 

Order Your Box Today!

Nestlé Promo Codes

Weekly/Bi-Weekly Subscription: NESTLE17

One Time Trial Box: NESTLETRIAL

Use of the promo code will enable you to pick up your box at the Nestlé campus and reduce shipping to $2.

Have Questions? Call us at 440-409-5520.
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