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Steamed Artichokes

My kids LOVE artichokes! They actually request them when they have sleepovers at my in-laws'. That's how good my mother-in-law's secret recipe is! So good that even a 5-year-old eats them... by choice! What's even better is that it is pretty darn simple! When I asked her if she would be willing to share her recipe, she replied "Well, it's not very sexy." In my book, simple food is definitely "sexy." It's healthy and food that takes less time means I have more time to do all the other crazy things in my life. So here goes...

What You Need:

2 to 4 artichokes



1 or 2 cloves of garlic

1 bay leaf

butter or mayonnaise


Using a sharp knife, cut the stem so the bottom of the artichoke is flat. Using the same knife, cut approximately 1/2" to 1" from the top of the artichoke. Then use kitchen scissors to trim the top of each leaf straight across, removing the sharp thorn. To prevent discoloration, rub a cut lemon on all of the surfaces that were cut.

Fill the bottom of a pot with several inches of water. Squeeze some lemon juice into the water, add a clove or 2 of peeled garlic and a bay leaf. If you have a steamer basket, place it in the pot being sure that the water doesn't cover the bottom of the steamer. Place the artichokes in the basket, flat bottom down.

Bring the water to a boil, cover and steam for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the artichokes. They are done when you can easily pierce the bottom with a fork and/or when a leaf pulls out easily.

Serve with melted butter or mayonnaise seasoned with garlic, parsley and lemon juice if desired.

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