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Holiday Favorites

This week, we have all your holiday favorites! Cranberries, green beans, yams, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, apples, celery, carrots, onions... and so much more! Everything you need for your Thanksgiving feast is in this week’s box and it’s all on its way right to your doorstep! YOU, my friends, just saved yourself a lot of hassle at the crowded grocery store this holiday. Now all that’s left to do is cook!

We know you're still putting together your Thanksgiving menu, because we are too! We figured you could use a little help, so this week we're rounding up all our favorite holiday recipes from our blog. From appetizers and the main entree to the side dishes and dessert, we've got you covered. With these tried and true recipes, you're sure to prepare the most perfect holiday meal yet. The best part is that they are all pretty simple and healthy, so you'll spend a little less time slaving in the kitchen and more time hanging with your friends and family. And you'll spend less time in the gym the next day trying to burn it off!

Remember to carefully plan your serving sizes so that you aren't stuck with too many leftovers. A little is good, but too much is wasteful. More food waste is created around the holidays than any other time of year. So don't overdo it. To learn more about how to reduce waste in your kitchen this holiday season, check out this post I wrote a couple of years back, Gobble Up Food Waste. It also includes a recipe for using up some leftovers!

APPETIZER & First course

This flavorful appetizer looks fancy and sophisticated, but is pretty simple to throw together. It will definitely keep the hungry family happy while they wait for the main course.

In our family, we always sit down for soup or salad on Thanksgiving before we make up our plates. Then we go around the table and take turns saying what we're thankful for. This delicious soup is the perfect accompaniment. You can use any hard squash you've got; butternut, acorn, hubbard or even pumpkin!


Time for the main course! When we shared this recipe originally, we made this using chicken, but it can easily be done with a turkey as well. Just double the recipe depending on the size of your turkey and your crowd.

This meat free main entree is so beautiful and yummy that it will even please the carnivores at your table.


Looking for a healthier alternative to the soup laden green bean casserole? This one is perfect!

This dish is so delish it will become one of your newest standbys for your holiday table.


Everyone makes pumpkin pie! How about something a little unique? It's the perfect ending to your Perfectly Imperfect Thanksgiving!

We'd be honored if one our Ugly Food Makeover recipes made it to your Thanksgiving table this year. We can’t WAIT to see all the spectacular side dishes and delicious desserts you’ll be preparing this week! Don’t forget to share and tag us @perfectlyimperfectproduce so we can share ideas with our community of creative, food waste fighting cooks, and show off your talents. Happy Thanksgiving friends! We are SO very thankful for each and every one of you!

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