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Blackberry Smash by Aurelia

Every week we provide you with a recipe in hopes that we'll inspire you to get creative using the contents of your delivery of our Perfectly Imperfect fresh fruits and veggies. Well last month when our friends at Aurelia in Chagrin Falls created a delectable Walleye with Broccoli & Romanesco Risotto, using our produce, Bartender Mick McGuire also created a signature cocktail using some of the fruit we brought in. I don't know about you, but I think we could all use a stiff drink right about now with all the craziness going on in the world. It's 5:00 somewhere right? Our favorite photographer Karin McKenna captured every moment of the magic perfectly! Check it out!

Here's the delicious drink Mick whipped up using berries and oranges from our box.

Blackberry Smash

What You Need: 2 oz. Elijah Craig small batch bourbon (or other bourbon you have on hand.) 1/4 oz. Ohio maple syrup 1/2 oz. juice of minneola, fresh squeezed (blood orange or orange would work too) 3/4 oz. lime juice fresh squeezed 3-4 blackberries (or other berries) muddled 10 mint leaves muddled 3 dashes Angostura bitters Topped with soda

First Mick combined all the ingredients except for the soda into a cocktail shaker. Then he shook it all up and poured it into another shaker, straining out the orange, blackberries, lime and mint.

To add a unique smoky flavor, Mick used a cooking torch to light a cedar wood chip.

Then he carefully placed the smoking wood underneath a small jar with a thin neck to capture the smoky flavor.

Next he poured the drink into the smoke filled jar.

Finally, he poured the drink into a glass filled with ice, topped it with a bit of soda water, a sprig of fresh mint and a cedar wood chip. The result? A refreshing, not too sweet, a little bit smoky cocktail perfect for the first days of spring. And even more perfect for a Friday evening happy hour (or any evening at this point) spent at home in quarantine.

Thanks Mick for helping us use up some of the items in this week's box. And thanks for giving us a reason to smile. We all can use as many of those as we can get right now!

Aurelia is open in Chagrin Falls for take out orders! Visit their website to check out their takeout menu that changes daily and to order online. Aurelia is located at 16 N. Main Street in Chagrin Falls. Tell them Perfectly Imperfect Produce sent you!

And don't forget to show us how you're getting creative in your own kitchen using our produce. Tag us @perfectlyimperfectproduce on Facebook and Instagram so we can inspire others in our community to transform "ugly" produce into a beautiful meal. We can't wait to see what you're up to.


Photos by Karin McKenna.

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