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Rainbow Veggie Sushi Rolls

This delicious vegan-friendly dish includes every color of the rainbow, so we're calling it the Rainbow Veggie Sushi Roll. It's a perfect way to use up all the veggies from this week's Real Food Remedy box. Get creative! It's fun to put together and even more fun to eat. Eat the rainbow? It's simple when you roll all the colors up into one delicious wrap.

Rainbow Vegetable Sushi Roll

What You Need:

1 Cucumber

1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Red Cabbage Leaf

2 Scallions

1 Avocado

1 Mango

1 Carrot

1 oz Cilantro Leaves

1 oz Pickled Ginger (Optional)

1 tsp White Miso Paste (Optional)

Black + White Sesame Seeds (For Garnish)

First take the cucumber and use a small paring knife to hollow out the seeds getting as much of them out as you possibly can. Peel back the red cabbage leaves and keep whole, you will be using this leaf to roll your garnish ingredients for the inside of the cucumber roll.

Prep the rest of the ingredients (bell pepper, scallions, avocado, mango + carrots) so that they are all fine matchsticks like a julienne cut.

Take the cabbage leaf and rub the miso straight across the middle in a straight line, then lay some of the pickled ginger and fresh cilantro leave across as well. Next take some of each of the other cut ingredients and line them up from end to end in the middle of the leaf as if you were piling up sticks.

Once you have a little bit of all of the ingredients in your leaf, begin to fold and roll up the cabbage leaf as tight as you can, keeping your ingredients inside. Once rolled, slide one end of the cabbage roll into the hollow cucumber until it slides through and comes out the other side.

Now it’s time to cut your sushi! You’ll see all of the beautiful ingredients inside. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Like a little sauce for dipping or drizzling? Here's a simple and tasty alternative to soy sauce.

Peanut Sauce

½ cup peanut butter

½ cup orange juice

1 oz. coconut aminos teriyaki

1 oz. minced garlic

red pepper flakes

Stir to combine all ingredients and reserve to dip sushi into or drizzle over top.

Use any leftover veggies to add to the top of rice or quinoa for a tasty side dish. Drizzle peanut sauce on top!

Photos by Carolyn Hodges @thedinnershift.

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