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Introducing our New Video Series!

We're thrilled to introduce you to our new video series From Seed to Spoon! For our first episode we partnered up with our friend Chef Douglas Katz to share with you his tried and true method for quickly deseeding the mysterious and most delicious pomegranate. It's probably not the one you know. Click the image below to watch the full video and to learn more about how to store and slice this special superfood and see some of Doug's favorite ways use to use those crunchy and juicy seeds!

From Seed to Spoon will take you to the farms, the kitchens and the tables where the unique fruits and veggies we rescue from going to waste are harvested, diced, and devoured. We’ll help you learn more about how and where your produce is grown. We’ll help demystify any unfamiliar surprises from your PIP box, teach you how to properly store them and slice them and give you some simple ideas for how to prepare them. We’ll even show you behind the scenes of our process rescuing, boxing, delivering and donating fresh fruits and veggies. And we’ll reveal more about the importance of reducing food waste at every step of the food system from seed to spoon!

Thank you Chef Katz for your time and expertise and to Karin McKenna for bringing this video series to life!

Video by Karin McKenna.

Copyright 2021.

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