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Winter Squash 101 - Squash Basics

Last month we launched our new video series, From Seed to Spoon, where we'll take you to the farms, the kitchens and the tables where the unique fruits and veggies we rescue from going to waste are harvested, diced, and devoured. We’ll help you learn more about how and where your produce is grown. We’ll help demystify any unfamiliar surprises from your PIP box, teach you how to properly store and slice them and give you some simple ideas for how to prepare them. We’ll even show you behind the scenes of our process rescuing, boxing, delivering and donating fresh fruits and veggies. And we’ll reveal more about the importance of reducing food waste at every step of the food system from seed to spoon!

Last time we showed you how to deseed the mysterious pomegranate. This month we're back in Chef Douglas Katz's kitchen and we're teaching you the basics of winter squash. Join us all month where each Friday in March we'll show you how to properly store, peel, slice, and dice these nutritious and delicious veggies. We'll also teach you how to roast butternut, acorn and delicata squash and later this month Chef Katz will share a couple of his favorite squash recipes.

If you've been a Perfectly Imperfect Produce customer for awhile you know that we often have A LOT of winter squash, especially this time of year. We do our best to help our farm partners move their entire crop even if their product is a bit blemished, scarred, scraped, too large or too small for it's originally intended use. We know you're always looking for new ways to use up all that squash we send your way. We hope this month's Squash 101 series will give you plenty of new ideas and teach you the basics of how to work with them.

And we hope you'll subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss any episodes of our new From Seed to Spoon series. Don't forget to show us how you're using all the fruits and veggies from your Perfectly Imperfect Produce box to cook up something creative and delicious in your own kitchen. Tag us @perfectlyimperfectproduce! Stay tuned here to our blog for weekly recipes including some of Chef Katz' own favorite ways to prepare winter squash.

Happy cooking friends!

Video by Karin McKenna.

Recipes by Doug Katz.

Product provided by Perfectly Imperfect Produce.


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